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Competitive tenders, bids and proposals
are a commercial and competitive reality for
most services businesses. 

They are stressful, involve tight timeframes, and often result in much replicated effort.

And, while each bid is unique, many common elements - bid building blocks - can be developed in advance to smooth the process

JMA can develop and streamline your content library with
bid building blocks
relevant to your target sector

Engineering & construction

Financial services & insurance

Transport &

Professional services

Government at
all levels

software as a service

Industrial &


What could a
bid building blocks library do for your business?

business faster

Get your bids together quicker, and increase your capacity to prepare multiple bids at once with a minimum of fuss - getting to ‘yes’ quicker.


Over time your 'win rate' will improve. By quickly producing high quality ‘first’ drafts based on your building blocks you can spend the necessary time tailoring in order to win this specific bid.

different clients

Don't just stop at one version of each building block. In time you can create variant versions targeting different sectors and market segments.

over your team

Reduce stress for your bid team and increase their efficiency and capacity.

Creating first-rate bid building blocks will ensure you are thoroughly prepared to win your next bid. 

JMA can help you achieve greater efficiency and better win rates with tools, examples, and clear process maps to develop a well-defined process and readymade building blocks for simple tailoring on each occasion.

JMA will work with you to prioritise and then to produce credible, compelling, and interesting bid building blocks, such as:

  • professional team profiles
  • flowcharts of key processes and other diagrams such as infographics
  • case studies and success stories highlighting core expertise
  • bid-ready policies and evidence of your standards
  • client service credentials
  • capabilities material
  • deal and/or project lists
  • strong, focused references and testimonials
  • value added services material

... and a host of other bid building blocks that will help you build more winners.

Hundreds of satisfied clients

JMA has propelled hundreds of clients to
more wins (and on better terms) through
improved capacity in tenders, bids & proposals since 1993...

"The quality of the finished document produced by JMA was completely different to, and better than, anything we had done before. I was very impressed with the quick turnaround time."

Partner, Accounting firm

"I was very happy with the work and thought that went into [the template]. I do not possess the skills to produce that quality of work - nor will I …the rest of us couldn’t hope to produce a submission of that quality in the time provided and do usual work!”

BD Manager, professional services firm

"Got it and you are a better sales person than me. I guess that's your job. Your team have added great value to our pitches and presentations …"

Sales Director, global transport and logistics operator

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